Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

EQIP is a voluntary conservation program offered by the NRCS. The program was created to address resource concerns present on a farm.  We can help you through the application process. Contact us.

Interested producers can apply at their local NRCS office, where an NRCS Conservationist will determine your eligibility and conduct a site evaluation. With a Conservationist, you will develop a conservation plan that protects the at-risk resource on your farm. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with cutoff dates for ranking applications each year. If you miss the cutoff date for the current year, your application will be ranked during the next year. Applications are grouped into the following categories: Livestock, Irrigated Cropland, Dry Cropland, Woodlands, and Organic Operations. Within each category, the applications are ranked based on the resource concern and proposed solutions.

The highest ranked applications are awarded EQIP contracts, which provide payments for the implementation of planned practices along a scheduled period of time. The contracts specify the conservation practice, where it is to be implemented, how long it is to be implemented, and the approved method of implementation. These decisions are not made FOR you, they are made WITH you.

1. Apply at your local NRCS office--a signed application is the first step
2. Develop a conservation plan with your NRCS office
3. Have your application ranked
4. If a contract is offered, approve
5. Implement practices according to your contract
6. Keep in touch!


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Conservation Brochures

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